MEGAsys ISMS  - CCTV Management
Equipments, Devices and Facilities Integration Including:

PTZ & Speed Domes (Compatible brands including Borsch/Philips, Panasonic, Molynx, Daiwa, Kalatel, Sanyo, Pelco etc.)
Digital Video Recorders 
Video Switch Matrix (Pelco, Philips, MAX, Malynx)
Audio Switch Matrix
DIgital Codec
* It allows 640 cameras inputs, 160 monitors outputs, 16 units of sub-keyboards  for analogue system
* No limit camera encode input and decode camera output for digital system
* It can view any operating camera's real-time images 
* It can view DVR/NVR images or search and playback historical files
* It can direct manage DVR system setup, including motion setup, recording management....etc 
* It can control any operating camera to be shown or not to be shown on any operating monitor 
* It can enable or disable any monitor to control any one of the cameras 
* It can control various brands of PTZ cameras and speed domes and preset surveillance areas to perform visual scans. 
* For speed dome cameras, normally it can presets up to 64 surveillance areas 
* System can set each camera's configuration including interlocking with other equipments 
* It can setup and edit monitor channel switches
* Support multi video channels display, 2x2, 3x3....10x10 digital video on a screen
* It can setup blank screen display time to avoid unsynchronized images