MEGAsys ISMS  - Access Control Management
Equipments, Devices and Facilities Integration Including:

Card Readers (With Weigan 26 interface)
Elevator Controllers
Lock Control
* In standard application, it control up to 480/Server card readers and up to 10,000 access cards (expandable)
* It can setup any access door's ID functions, passage blocks, time sets and lock/unlock or reading/non-reading status
* Real time cardholder image comparison with stored photos and user details to be shown when cardholder accessing reader points
* It can set up overtime and holiday time zones
* It can management patrol routes and ensure security checks on each important facility area. Patrol management system can connect with 2400 checkpoints. Up to 24 group routes with up to 100 points in each hour.
* Access system can setup control on time period basis
* It can link lifts with access control for elevators and floor management
* It can connect with three different card reader equipments with different technology namely: tape, Weigand and sensor
* Various card-reading modes can be set up such as single reading, dual readings etc.
* Access Report: 4 categories are available for printing: card number, name, personnel number or record number. Users can also import certain data into the system
* System Recovery: When faults in the access control system such as reading or faulty hard disks, system recovery can reorganize system data