MEGAsys ISMS  - Alarm Management
Equipments, Devices and Facilities Integration Including:

Analogue Alarm Input Devices (Such as temperature, humidity, gas, water level, light etc.)
Digital Alarm Input Devices (Such as sensors and buttons)
PABX and DDE systems etc.
* The alarm system controls 2048 alarm inputs
* It can engage and configure any operating camera/access point alarm functions and channeling
* Automatic display of floor plans, alarm icons points and operator's action message during alarm events
* It keeps records of alarm events- time and date
* Automatic Alarm System Activation: Automatic macro initialization, visual switch to corresponded images, recording, access points    locking/unlocking and warning messages etc
* Alarm management listing will show relevant graphs, information for operation control and resume operation
* Each card reader unit has three assistant alarm inputs; any one of them being triggered will activate corresponded macros to implement its instructions. Macros can be edited and be attached as audio messages in WAV formats.
* SECURE/ACCESS modes. With automatic change modes between SECURE and ACCESS will convenient routine or legitimate passages and not lead to false alarms.