MEGAsys ISMS  - Question and Answer
1) MEGAsys software key error E020C ! during auto REBOOT startup!

Answer : The reason is MEGAsys MUST start up right after the protection key's driver is loaded, MEGAsys can't read the protection key without driver.

Solve :  Run the 3nd utility STARTDELAY_v2.3b130 and set it a little bit delay (Ex: 20 Second)  for MEAGsys Startup.

Reference : Please refer to the Bulletin M2080001 for details

2) MEGAsys software key error E1D03 !

Answer : MEGAsys can't read the softrware protection key

Solve :  Need installed the software key (LPT/USB) for system.
          - for LPT please turn on the Parallel Port inside BIOS for the key
          - for USB version, please turn on the USB serial inside BISO for the key
            unplug the USB key and plugin again for USB driver key auto detect        

Reference : Reinstall the Protection Key DRIVER

3) MEGAsys can't run in windows 2003 Server !

Answer : Release the Windows 2003 Server data protection

Solve :  Please refer to the attached FILE        

4) Can't stop the speed dome control for remote control the Pan Tilt Zoom!
   Remote Controlling the PTZ  through DVR speed dome connection, lost speed in Web or MEGAsys control, special in stop motion.

Answer : Need bidirectional connection, RS422(4 wires)  control mode instead of RS482(2 wires).

Solve :  Exsample for Panasonic 964 speed dome FILE