MEGAsys's DVR/NVR Mobile Kit (DMK), operates on different wireless and mobile technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, GPRS, and 3G, which allows users to view the real-time monitoring image with their PDAs or Smartphones. DMK provides security in your hand and total solution for mobile surveillance. The mobile software can be easily installed with your mobile devices, and can also be quickly integrated with MEGAsys's line up of DVRs.


Using PDA or Smartphone as a surveillance tool
Obtaining remote video anywhere and anytime, user can quickly make the right response for the sudden event 
No wiring materials for networking
It can fulfill the wireless and mobile requirements of home and enterprise, providing the extensive and integrated     architecture of surveillance
RMK- DVR/NVR Mobile Kit
Resolution:320X240 video resolution
Surveillance DVR/NVR and Decoder based devices using e-Map on your PDA or Smart phone
Easily importing eMap background, and build monitor cameras in appropriate locations on map
Password protection
OS: Compatible with MS Pocket PCs 2002, 2003 platform
Processor: ARM, XScale
Communication Network: Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, 2.5G, 3G 
Direct technical services for development and deployment assistance
MEGAsys Video Remote Kit
DVR - eMAP/Go Position/Do Control
NVR - PTZ/Go Position/Di Event/Motion Detection