MEGAsys Integrated Security Management System
Evertech Electronics Ltd.
H.264 D1 Linux DVR - ET3504
H.264 High Definition IS definitively the Future Video everyone will enjoy on any new CCTV-Set, providing the deepest picture details and quality ever seen for a truly new way of watching the video picture.
Support Both : Conventional Camera and IP Camera
       (AXIS, ACTi, Pixel, A-MTK...)
Bank ATM DVR:        
Bandwidth Control:      64k - 10Mbps
SSL Conttrol:                User Name/Password/Video Signals
IP Filter:                        32 Groups of IP, Different IP subnet
Lok Ma Chau MTR Station - 2007
Lok Ma Chau or Lokmachau (Traditional Chinese: 落馬洲) lies on the Hong Kong side of a border crossing between Hong Kong and mainland China. It lies near San Tin in the northwest New Territories on the Hong Kong side, and is opposite to Huanggang in Shenzhen. The Sham Chun River separates Hong Kong from China at this crossing, and a large area of marshes exists within the Closed Area buffer zone on the Hong Kong side, to which access is restricted (click on the co-ordinates link above-right for an aerial view of these marshes).
MEGAsys private CCTV/Alarm security management system for this terminal also BMS interface. 
MEGAsys ISMS - Integrated Security Management System
The MEGASYS CCTV Management System is designed as conventional an expandable digital/analogue full matrix video switching Client/Server base system, Integrated with latest digitals codec technology, It can be configured from 1,000 video inputs by a multi video output channels to its fully expanded configuration supporting video switched to all digital/analogue video output channels. All video output channels support Chinese text insertion for camera identification labeling, presenting current date/time and other system/operator status information.
All system events can be interlock with CCTV/Access Control/Alarm system via MACRO PROGRAMMING, which allows total flexibility of system operation for a given alarm input. Control output circuits can be directly controlled by a given alarm input status, manual operation from pc terminal, or from virtually any system action that may occur.
MEGAsys in
Beijing National Olympic Green Convention Centre - 2007
Integarted with Visiowave CCTV system 
Beijing National Olympic Green Convention Centre
北京奥林匹克公园国家会议中心是2008年奥运会的主要场馆.该项目占地12.2ha,总体规划包括220 000m2的会议展览中心、260 000m2的商业零售及酒店设施.其中商业部分包括435 00m2的五星级酒店、32 000m2的商务酒店、95 000m2的办公楼和31 500m2的商业零售裙楼,它们都与会议中心相连接. 

St. Regis Hotel, Singapore - Opening December 20, 2007
St. Regis Singapore to Feature a Luxury Hotel and Up-market Strata-titled Residences

Three members of Hong Leong Group Singapore – City Developments Limited (CDL), Hong Leong Holdings Ltd (HLH) and TID Pte Ltd - today held a groundbreaking ceremony for the prestigious St. Regis Singapore, comprising a super luxury hotel and up-market apartment units for sale.

St. Regis Singapore, to be developed at an estimated cost of $900 million, is spread over a 16,692 sq m 999 leasehold site bounded by Tomlinson Road, Tanglin Road and Cuscaden Road and is located in the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping and entertainment district. The hotel and residences are expected to be ready by 2007. 

This luxury project is owned and developed by Richmond Hotel Pte Ltd - a joint venture among CDL, HLH and TID. The development will have a 20-storey hotel tower comprising 299 luxurious guest rooms and two 20-storey apartment towers for 255 units of luxury residences and penthouses for sale. TID is a joint venture between Hong Leong Holdings and Japan’s leading real estate company Mitsui Fudosan.

The six-star St. Regis Hotel will be managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. Its luxurious guest rooms, including 37 beautifully furnished suites, will feature the world renowned St. Regis butler service, offering unparalleled round-the-clock personal attention. This is the first St. Regis Hotel in Southeast Asia.

MEGAsys in Singapore
Contain up to  300 Cameras, DVR and thousand of alarm points in this poject
MEGAsys DVR/NVR Remote Mobile Kit (RMK)
MEGAsys DVR/NVR Remote Mobile Kit (RMK), operates on different wireless and mobile technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, GPRS, and 3G, which allows users to view the real-time monitoring image with their PDAs or Smartphones. RMK provides security in your hand and total solution for mobile surveillance. The mobile software can be easily installed with your mobile devices, and can also be quickly integrated with MEGAsys's line up of DVRs/NVRs.
New System Sub Keyboard
For all Matrix System and Digital System Alt-Keyboard
Beijing Capital International Airport BCIA - 2008
MEGAsys Integrated with T1/T2 CCTV to T3 new control console - Details...

T1/T2 Main Control Room (Old)
T3 Main Control Console (2008)
T3 Console TV Wall (7 x 4) 2008
T3 New Airport Site
Biometrics Palm Vein Reader for MEGAsys Access Control

How secure are your assets? Can your personal identification number be easily guessed? As we increasingly rely on computers and other machines in our daily lives, ensuring the security of personal information and assets becomes more of a challenge. If your bank card or personal data falls into the wrong hands, others can profit at your expense. To help deal with this growing problem, Fujitsu has developed a unique biometric security technology that puts access in the palm of your hand and no one else's.
Fujitsu's palm vein authentication technology consists of a small palm vein scanner that's easy and natural to use, fast and highly accurate. Simply hold your palm a few centimeters over the scanner and within a second it reads your unique vein pattern. A vein picture is taken and your pattern is registered. Now no one else can log in under your profile. ATM transactions are just one of the many applications of this new technology.

Fujitsu's technology capitalizes on the special features of the veins in the palm. Vein patterns are unique even among identical twins. Indeed each hand has a unique pattern. Try logging in with your left hand after registering with your right, and you'll be denied access. The scanner makes use of a special characteristic of the reduced hemoglobin coursing through the palm veins — it absorbs near-infrared light. This makes it possible to take a snapshot of what's beneath the outer skin, something very hard to read or steal.

Besides the high accuracy of a false rejection rate of 0.01% and a false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008 %(as of February, 2005), Fujitsu's contactless palm vein authentication offers a range of advantages over other biometric technologies. 
Palm Vein Sample
OPC Server Ready
MEGAsys OPC server is based on COM/DCOM technology following OPC specification and TCP/IP protocol on Ethernet and it can be used with 8c500/8c800L DI/DO controllers, access control and CCTV. The server provides reliable and high-performance communication with any other OPC client application. An easy-to-use configuration tool is included for quick set-up of the tags database. Fast, active OPC foundation member creates specific communication drivers according to customers requirements.
MEGAsys Integrated in Taiwan Airport T1,T2
Taiwan Airport, nucleus of Taiwan civil aviation, is located in the East-West District of area. It is easily accessible from the town centers. The terminal building offers a variety of convenient services including airliner operation, identification check, security inspection, banking, insurance, post office, telephone-telegraph, shopping, restaurant, and artifact display and sell facilities.
System integrated with difference brand MATRIXs - PanasonicSX850, Philips8800-8900, MAX1000 and DVRs to a standard platform for all CLIENTs workstation, TV wall daily surveillance operation.
MEGAsys is ready for Ademco Contact ID protocol, it  can be transission alarm message to Ademco CMS, including system zone alarm/reset message, system arm and disarm status.
Download mySQL v5.0....
Download mySQL Admin Tool....
Download mySQL Query Brower....
MEGAsys v5.0
       - ready for the project .
DEMO & Details....
Programming Manual Download..
Operation Manual Download..
SDC-6KL IP Base Single Door Access Controller - OEM Welcome
- Low Cost and Super Mini Compact Size
- 6,000 - 10,000 Users
- Online/Offline Standalone Mode
- Weigand 26-35 Bits Reader Interface
- RJ45 TCP/IP Ethernet Interface
- History Queue up to 10,000
- Internal standalone Clock Timer
- PoE Model Available
- Fully Configurable with MEGAsys v5.0
  GUI Management System
MEGAsys v5.0 Server
       - ready for Microsoft
       Server 2008 R2 Platform
GDS 萬國數據中心 - 2011 New Project
MEGAsys 集成影像、門禁、報警、系統整合的安全管理,並安裝安防管理備援平臺,參與數據中心安防管理計畫執行過程、提供管理方案等相關顧問與建議。未來GDS將發展上海資料安防管理中心,整合旗下各管轄的數據中心安防管理,MEGAsys現所提供安防管理平臺,將發展供應安防管理中心集成,提供多層監管的應用管理方案。
MEGAsys v5.0 Client
       - ready for Microsoft  Windows 7 Platform (32/64 bit)
MEGAsys v5.0 Server - ready for Microsoft
                       SQL 2008 Database
MIcrosoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is the latest release of SQL Server for MEGAsys System, there are a number of interesting new features for MEGAsys system thats make MEGAsys more reliable then ever.
SDK Document....
Cardax FT- Card Access
Integrated with MEGAsys 5.0
Matrix Bay ET6416BL - New Version Upgrade
       - Standalone Programmable Dwell Switching Control
       - Inteligent Video Tamper Detection
       - Alarm Sequence Interlock Control
       - IP base Direct IP Subkeyboard Control Connection
MEAGsys's Linux-embedded NVR system is a simply plug-to-use and virus-free IP/megapixel cameras recording solution. Based on market-leading embedded Linux, H.264/MPEG-4/M-JPEG compression and video/audio streaming technology, the system can provide high performance live display, recording, playback, backup and remote surveillance functions for each camera. The NVR software and optimized Linux OS is built on an independent flash-based DOM module, so system can always boot up in case of HDD failure. It also provides high-capacity H/W RAID for recording data storage and protection. With this NVR system, customers can rapid deploy their surveillance application with optimum surveillance and operating efficiency and delivers a better security and stability than the counter part Windows? powered system.
Support IP Camera List
Cloud Video Hosting Support......
MEAGsys NVR - Integrated with Megapixel 1.0MP, 2.0MP IP Camera
Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions (Video Hosting)
Iveda Solutions to Acquire MEGAsys Taiwan
How It Works
Cartier Asia Flagship Store in Prince's Builiding Hong Kong.
MEGAsys Providing HD CCTV solution for protecting luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewellery, luxury watches and writing instruments.
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