MEGAsys ISMS  - 3nd Party Products
ET-ANET - 8 points Analogue Input Device (AI)
Supports ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, IP, DHCP,HTTP, Modbus/TCP, and 10Base-T Ethernet standard
Supports Web Based interface for fast configuration Supports Modbus/TCP for easy integration with
HMI/SCADA or OPC server Supports Winsock networking and optional Virtual
serial ports?driver for windows application program
8 differential input channels with 16bits A/D converter with optical isolation
Two models available for Voltage: 0~10V/1~5V or Current: 0~20mA/4~20mA
GSM Modem - Voice Modem for System Status Voice Message
ET-M1206B SMS Modem - SMS Message for System Messaging 
ET-OV Server OV - Video Object Detection Server  (Eng Catalogue)

MEGAsys Intelligent Sensor Units have especially been designed to allow cost effective, fast, simple and easy deployment of intelligent video surveillance systems in all areas where high video security and monitoring is required.  MEGAsys Intelligent Sensor Units are available in several different models in order to answer to various needs which may range from basic to enhanced video content analysis

Key Features
- Compact rack mountable equipment for real time video analysis1
- Industrial chassis with front access for all video ports, the network interface and LED indicators
- Up to two independent video processing channels2
- High quality analog video loop-back outputs
- Isolated GPIO, RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports
- Upgradeable via IP network

ET-FaceSentry   Facial Recognition Access Control Appliance  
Automatic face recognition for increased security and maximum convenience,
Single compliant for all use,
All the necessary hardware is built-in to the device, including the hardware to connect the system to the corporate network. All the users need to do is to   plug-in the most popular RJ-45 network cable to the back of the device. No other hardware and wiring is necessary.
Scales from single access gate to large access networks,
Recognition time of less than a second,
Web based adminitrative page,
Generate report and access log in Excel or XML format,
Build-in database server,
Real time information, all computers can retrieve information through Network,
Application Programming Interface (API) for easy integration into existing access control systems,