MEGAsys provides system users more convenient interface, detailed, efficient and reliable graphics operation interface. This all-in-one system fully integrates automatic security, access control, CCTV surveillance functions
MEGAsys Software Features 

*  PC Based Client/Server、MS Server 2012/Win7 64 Pro 
*  Support English & Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)  
*  Compatibles with major international security products brands  
*  Multi-layers graphical operation: Multi media real time display and drag-and-paste operation for graphs and icons importation & editing  
*  Password protection: Up to 100 users' passwords and 8 levels of restricted access to specific functions and access priority differentiation  
*  It can run self-diagnostic on all associated facilities  
*  It can integrate alarm control by recoding analogue & digital signals from various kinds of alarm input units  
*  It can broadcast audio messages and configure in time sets  
*  The system keep log information for various operation events  
*  Database: All data stores in server. It allows searching, sequencing, report formulation and printing of data.  
*  The system support PABX telephone lines controlling system  
*  Various macros programming: User; alarm, facilities, time and system macros. Built-in programmed macros available. It also allow formulations of           additional macros to allow flexible control and operation  
*  It supports live audio window and on screen video capture  
*  Remote control via Internet (GPRS/TCP/IP network)  
*  Comprehensive system integration hardware  
*  Support amination GIF graphics for all alarm  icons
*  Support multi video and graphics screen
Fully Integrated with Access Control, Hybird CCTV (IP and Analogue) and Alarm System.
*  Fully Graphical User Interface (GUI).
*  Icon Base Devices Direct Access, Icon Color Representative Device Online Status.
*  Support GIF Dynamic Icon.
*  Tree List Devices Direct Access.
*  Macro Control for All Devices Status Changed Interlock Programming.
*  OPC Interface for BA/BMS Integrated requirement.
*  Client/Server Base Structure, Web Client Support.
Structural Database Support, mySQL, MSSQL etc..


CCTV Management
Alarm Management
Access Control Management
System Architecture:
Client/Server architecture
Industry standard Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 operating system
Native 32/64 bits application
Scaleable-Single to multi server systems
Real-time database (ISAM/mySQL/MSSQL)
Points:, Digital input/output, Analogue  and access
point, redundant, hot standby architecture available
Redundant server architecture

Uses industry standard TCP/IP networking over Ethernet
Multi licensing of operator stations
RJ45 controllers to Ethernet
Remote connections via LAN or WAN

Operator Interface:
True graphical map user interface
GIF Dynamic device icon object
Available on MS Windows 7/MS Server 2008 R2.
User configurable object based custom displays
Supports display resolutions of 1280 x 1024 and 1024 x 768
Embeds bit maps and Windows Meta files into displays
Launch Windows applications directly from displays
Partial card holder tag name call up with wildcard support
Cut, copy, and paste facilities for easy editing of text
User input devices include keyboard, mouse, trackball
(Optional), touch screen (optional)
Native 32 bit application
Support tree directory for all maps details icon access
Diagnostic function for all IP devices, including online/suspend/offline status

Alarm Management:
Color coded alarm summary page with filtering by alarm priorities and area
Alarm segregation through database partitioning
Alarm parameters can be adjusted on-line
Dedicated alarm zone displays most recent highest priority
alarm on every page
All alarm and return-to-normal conditions logged in event summary
Individual or page acknowledgment of alarms
Automatic link to optional alarm instruction window or associated display windows
Alarm handling responses logged into event summary
Additional messages can be attached to an alarm
Alarm acknowledge (writes through to controller)
Individual alarm prioritization of different input states for
the same point
Alarms and events can trigger reports
Alarm annunciation can use custom sound files (*.wav)
Open OPC Interface for other management systems
Modbus Client/Server support
Dual Lan support for alarm devices communication
Multi IP direct polling structure (8c500L/800L type)
Support Digital Communication standard Ademco* Contact ID Protocol for remote CMS reporting
Support access control integrate with system arm/disarm/override control
Support 2 phone No and 1 operator phone No. for SMS system message for alarm reports.
Watchdog communication monitoring (ET-911)

System events created for all:
- operator changes - alarm acknowledgment and reset
- point state changes - shunting/security manual controls
- alarms
Event file limited only by disk space available
Export of events to MS Excel format
MS Excel export of off-line events for reporting

Support for over 10,000 cardholders
18 user definable fields for cardholders
Combo boxes to preprogram cardholder field choices
Card commencement and expiration dates
Up to 128 access levels per cardholder
Automatic trace of cardholder through the facility
Card holder type notification
User photo display for all type of access

128 access levels
128 card reader zones
16 time zone periods
Complete or modified data download to controllers
ASCII import/ export of all access components to MS Excel
Support for one level of global perimeter anti-pass back
Support for People counting, ACU and lighting control
Palm vein (ET3300) and fascicle biometrics access control

Periodic, demandable, or event driven reports
ODBC access for custom reports
Standard reports include:
- Alarm Event - Point Cross Reference
- Alarm Duration - Point Change
- Door History - Card Usage/ Alarm
- Card List - Occupancy/ Attendance
- Group Card Trail - Access Data
- Point Attribute

Operator security or station security
8 levels of access to system functions:
- Level 1, 2 - Building Engineer
- Level 3, 4 - Building Supervisor
- Level 6, 7, 8 Operator - Normal Operation
Up to 255(optional) control levels for operator initiated actions
Automatic idle time logout (60-600sec)
Prompt for periodic change of passwords
Events logged by operator ID
Individual operator profiles including areas assignment
Effective data partitioning of facility into unlimited different areas
Command assignment to control for different output states
Operator sign on can be restricted

Support for the operator interface in English and Asian

Periodic algorithms include:
- Arithmetic calculations for analogue points
- Logic calculations
- Composite hierarchical point alarming

- Report, task or display request activated by access card
or status change
- Group point shunting/security control
- Area or group alarm inhibit/shunting/security control

CCTV Control:
Camera and monitor switching on alarm event
For selected switchers, camera selection, and automatic
PAN, TILT, ZOOM, Preset control from operator display or
Keyboard (ETKB3000/800/500)
Power Joystick, up/down/left/right/zoom in/zoom out

CCTV Matrix:
Multi-processor circuit board design
Frame Switching
Modular panel design
Full camera titles with time / date
Monitor no, title (Chinese English) and timer clock OSD
Evertech (ET6416, ET3214)*
Pelco(9750/60)* Panasonic(SX550, SX850)*
American Dynamics (AD168)*  Burle
Philips (all type of matrix)*
(* Direct Matrix Control)
Ultra/R and D (MAX1000)

DVR/NVR Control
Remote video online view, local recording, snapshot
Video Snapshot and Export for both Live and Playback mode
Remote video frame rate (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25)
Remote video Quality control (low, middle, high, best)
Remote back video history and export
Remote video stream download
Remote quad display for different IP video
Multi remote IP video display 2x2, 3x3, 10x10 IP video displays
Multi IP video sequential up to 100 routes x 100 step
Instant video display and preview 30-60 second's previous video
Linux MEGAsys DVR/NVR H.264/Mp4/Jpg (400/200fps)
ACTi2.3/3.0 NVR (400/200,400fps)
iSAP 1.00/2.00 NVR (400/fps400fps)
Aegison DVR MP2 (400fps/400fps)
Cybervision DVR/NVR (400fps/400fps)
Open ActiveX SDK for Remote Monitor/Playback/Setup/Diagnostic
Search video clips by date, time and event
4-Channel Video synchronized playback on MEGAsys GUI
DSS 16-chs DVR (400fps/Live)
Divitech NVR

Net Camera and Video Server
Mpeg, mp4, H263,4 video overlay
AXIS net camera, video server
Pixord net camera, video server
VivoTech net camera, video server
Remote video view/ recording
Axis*, ACTi*, Visiowave*, Pixord*, Vivotech*, IQeye*, Sanyo*
Dlink*, Dynacolor*

Access Controller
Fast. Standalone processing (DDC) 60 pre/trunk , up to 8 trunks line, with optional redundant communication capability (480 doors)
Distributed database processing
Distributed database processing, for up to 10,000 cardholder with DDC10k, DDC11k/11kL, SDC6kL version
Star, bus or combination star and bus reader configuration
Proximity card technologies mode control
Card, keypad or card and keypad access support
Class A, 2-wire supervised input capability
Elevator control up (16 pre system, 64 floor)
Class A, 2-wire supervised input capability
Software-linked inputs and outputs for offline control
Battery backup available for uninterrupted on-line operation
Evertech (DDC6k, 9k, 10k 11k)
Open OPC connection for standard OPC client integrations

Reader Format:
HID Reader (26bit, 35bit Wiegand format)
Fingerscan Biometric Readers

Security Controllers:
Evertech (ET8c500s/500sL, ET8c500/500L, 8c800/800L)*
Evertech panel 64 controller
(* Support LAN direct 8c500sL, 8c500L, 8c800L)

GUI Map and Icons Editor:
Object based display building package with dynamic
display objects such as:
- Shapes - 32x32 dots (up to 32 x 12 types)
- Live Video - Overlay (Mjpg, Mp4, H263, H264)
- Alphanumeric - Digital display (Lift floor display)
- Direct Button - Alarm Handling windows
- Fix Area Overlay Video Image
Many standard drawing features including:
- Tool Palette - Snap to grid (mouse/keyboard)
- Color palette - 256 x 128
- Alignment - Group/Ungroup
- 32x12 objects
- Copy and paste support
- Library of commonly used symbols
- Remote engineering support (Telnet/VNC/VPN)
-GIF animation icon link with all system devices support

- Quick start Manual
- Programming Manual
- Operator's Manual
- Installation Manual
- Macro Manual

Photo ID:
BMP or Jpg for image capture
Image or signature compression using BMP and JPEG
Customizable database fields
Configurable card layouts and auto image size
Easy search and navigation facilities

GUI Map Builder:
Graphical engineering tool
Preconfigured typical system databases
Easy creation of point, hardware, stations and printers
Multipoint edit
User defined fields
Standard reports
Import/export facility
Online icon balloon context sensitive help message

Main Computer (Server) Platform:
Processor: 2.3GHz Xeon? 4 processor or higher
Memory: Minimum of 4GB RAM (1G for 10x10 multi video)
Keyboard: with 12 function keys
Monitor: Up to 4 Super VGA monitor capable of non-interlaced

Operation at 1920 x 1024 pixel resolution (70 Hz or better
Vertical refresh rate)
Graphics Card: Super VGA graphics card capable of 1280 x
1024 pixel resolution and 65 K colors (8/16 MB video memory)
Tape Backup Unit
Communications Adapter: 8 line serial communications
Network Interface Card: Adapter for Ethernet networking
Compatible with TCP/IP network protocols
Pointing Device: PS2/USB Mouse
Hard Disk: 80 GB drive or higher
Diskette Drive: 1.44 MB disk drive
Display Resolution: 1280x1024 65K colors
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP
Network Protocols: TCP/IP

People Counting
Remote Multi Station People Flow analyzing - TCP/IP (VPN)
Report Generate - Monthly/Daily Graph Chat Report by zone and location basics
Report Format - MS-Excel, Text File, MSSQL, mySQL

Operator Station (Client) Platform:
Processor: 2.0GHz Pentium? 4 processor or higher
Memory: 1GB minimum (2GB for 10x10 multi video)
Graphics Card: Up to 4 Super VGA graphics card capable of
1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and 65 K colors (8/16 MB video
Hard Disk Size: 800 MB
Monitor: Super VGA monitor capable of non-interlaced
operation at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution (70 Hz or better
vertical refresh rate)
Keyboard: 12 function keys
Pointing Device: PS2/USB Mouse
Network Interface Card: Adapter for Ethernet networking
compatible with TCP/IP network protocols
Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024 65K colors
Operating systems: Windows 2000/2003/XP
Network Protocol: TCP/IP

Open Platform SDK
Open ActiveX framework for Client/Server Integrations
Open XML for Client/Server Integrations Interface
Standard OPC Client/Server platform Integration
Open Platform Support:
- DI: 2048 points (Alarm/Secure/Ack/Fault/On/Off/Patrol)
- DO: 2048: points (On/Off)
- DVR/NVR: 512 Points (Status/Motion Alarm)
- OPC: 2048 Points (0/1 Macro Vector Value)
- Door: 1024 Points (Door Open/Close/Fail Open/Alarm)
- Alarm Log (All System Alarm Message)
- Event Log (All System Events Message)
- Camera: 1024 Point (Matrix Switching/PTZ Ctrl/Lost)

MSSQL 2008 Express
mySQL 5.0 support

Remote CMS
Contact ID support

SMS Message
UP to 8 clients phone No. support
System alarm message
System event message
Alarm group shunting message
System arm/disarm message up to 8 groups zone
IP device status message
Access control alarm message

MEGAsys v5.0 Catalogue
Camera Multi View
Site Map
Details Map View
SYNC Multi Channel Playback
Instant Playback
Door Control
Alarm Control
Output Control
Direct Single Instant Playback
Direct Single Video Playback
Direct Single Playback